Dylan Roberts may be available to play at your function. He is a live act with vocals, harmonica, and guitar and could easily be mistaken for the living legend himself. Quite apart from appearing on the Isle of Wight in 1969 following his motorcycle accident three years earlier his music has helped sell the 110 million originals by never being re-recorded. If you want the real thing book Bob. Check out his website at www.bobdylan.com ...if your budget won't allow then book Dylan. E-mail him on notbobdylan@rocketmail.com

Weddings, barmitzfahs, funerals, Grand or intimate Concerts... Dylan has played around the globe and may be just the boost your function needs. Currently touring Europe and based in Zurich Dylan has entertained from New South Wales to Old South Wales From Tokyo to Tallahasee. Blowin' in the Wind... Visions of Johanna... Like a Rolling stone... are poetic gems and available from Record stores everywhere not a cent has been cheated from the author. The bootleg version is live only but you may be left wondering just how real the experience was.

Born in the mid West and inspired by Woody Guthrie and Dylan Thomas, Not Bob Dylan is an act not to be missed.